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"Whenever I try to sleep, I end up playing out scenarios in my mind. Stuff like, "What would happen if I were to do this?". I think about what I would say, what would happen, etc. This keeps me awake, and for some reason I can't stop thinking about whatever my mind decides to focus on. My mind never gets tired. If I have nothing to think about, my mind makes stuff to think about.

​The sleep deprivation makes my anxiety really bad. I take 100 mg of Benadryl when things get really dire, but it makes me feel like crap in the morning. By the way, don't drink 4 cups of coffee on a Benadryl hangover, especially when you have an anxiety disorder. I found that out the hard way today. How do you get to sleep when your brain runs at a crazy rate all the time. Anyone have any tricks?"
"I tried most of these things, and they really did help me. The only thing I didn't try when my sleep was bad was the forced smiling and laughter, because I didn't know about it. But I started with a bit of Meditation, then my sleep got better, and my energy increased, so I started to exercise as well. Then I sorted out my body clock and now I can sleep much better
​than I used to quite consistently.
My sleep isn't perfect yet, but it's miles better than it used to be. Hope this helped. Sorry for the long post and if there's any mistakes. I kind of rushed it, but if you'd like anymore info then don't hesitate to comment or message me."

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